High Speed Chase 2

High Speed Chase 2

Date added: 29/07/2019

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Welcome to the online game High-Speed Chase 2 at a10 games. You will be involved in the adventures of super-high-class automobile riders. Very interesting game. You will love it the first time you play. What are you waiting for? Start the game now. Do you want to show off your racing skills? The game will not make you boring. What is your mission? Find out the rules of the game. High Speed Chase 2 is a Johnny Two Shoes racing game. You are an agent and your mission is to find and destroy targets. Destroy them in any way possible.

Control your car with arrow keys and collect power on the highway. Capture with spacebar and switch between startups and SHIFT. Are you ready for High-Speed Chase 2? You will see many new and interesting things. Many great surprises await you. Enjoy the fun today! The game has a lot of interesting things. You will love it right away. You will train professional driving skills. Would you like to show it? You will do well if you look at it more flexibly. With vivid graphic design, high-speed racing with a long long road.

On the way there are many goals, you try to destroy them all. Collect lots of symbols to become stronger. Invite your friends to join the game and don't forget to share the fun in this game with them. And if you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Scrap Metal 4 and Police Car Simulator at  a10 games to play You will find relaxation in the game.

Game controls:

Arrow keys

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