Charming Tang Princess

Charming Tang Princess

Date added: 25/04/2019

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Chinese ancient movies are not only famous for their huge investment, charismatic storyline, beautiful footage, but also for beauties with gorgeous makeup and hairstyles. Do you usually watch Chinese ancient movies? Are you curious about how to make up and do hairstyle like that? Let’s discover this awesome topic in one of the most unique girls games at a10 for free called Charming Tang Princess.

In this game, you will explore how to make up like ancient beauties in Tang Dynasty. In ancient times in China, people favored beautiful, petite women with pale skin, bright eyes and white teeth and sophisticated hairstyles. You will experience all in this game with some modern elements. Your mission is to make up for a beautiful girl. She looks stunning but you can beautify her more with a perfect makeup style.

Eyebrow, eye color, cheek, lips, mascara, and more, all cosmetic products have prepared. What you need to do is to choose the right shade of color of each product, then mix and match to create an awesome makeup style and it must suit this girl on You can step into a safe zone with familiar makeup style or go crazy with something new and unique as soon as you like.

After the makeup is done, you move to the next step. It’s time to choose a great hairstyle. These available hairstyles look gorgeous and sophisticated. There are 6 different hairstyles for you to choose from. Let’s pick the one you like. You can try other styles for the character by playing several times or discover the new things with Disney Travel Diaries: City Break and DIY Chocolate Present.


Game controls:

Makeup by using your mouse.

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